Miniaturized actigraph with single-lead ECG

PROTHEO is a miniaturized monitoring system featuring 3-axial accelerometer, single-lead ECG, on-board data storage, wireless transmission and an onboard ARM7 microprocessor for embedded signal processing. PROTHEO was conceived for dimension critical applications and can be used for many different applications:

Long term behavioural studies: in which the movements sensed by the 3-axial accelerometer can be correlated with the cardiac activity and recorded onboard for later analysis.
Advanced studies: online streaming of movement and/or ECG.
Sport/Training: online monitoring of physiological parameters.

Protheo was successfully customized for the specific needs of our customers in a variety of applications:

Advanced Steps Counter: Acceleration and Movement Direction, Activity Identification, Steps Counter, Parameters Storage up to 90-Days
Occupational Health Monitor: Heart-Rate Recording, Chest Inclination, Activity and Steps, Monitoring strain in builders at work