From research to the market

Founded in 2006 by a group of young researchers at the Politecnico di Milano, we are now part of the Medicair group, a leading company in the Home Care sector.

SXT is a reliable partner, focused on the needs of the Customer in the industrial and research world. Dedicated both to small and large companies that wish to give life to their ideas or that have simple or complex problems to solve.

Boasting an extensive experience in the electro-medical and ICT sector, whether it is an hardware or software task, we are specialists in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions aimed at solving even the most complex process in order to satisfy the product requirements.

Enthusiasm, innovation and passion are our engine, while competence, experience and skills are our driving force.

Our recent success stories

From need to turnkey project


We use surveys to collect the needs of the customer, identify the materials and methods for the realization of the project and develop a concept.


If we don’t already have a suitable technology, we’ll find it.


We develop a prototype for an initial validation of the concept.


We complete the project in all its details and, where necessary, we prepare the manufacturing equipment.


We take care of the Technical File of the product and of its certification.


We manage the manufacturing process in our laboratories in compliance with the regulations in force on quality and traceability.

Technology is never a problem

Here are some examples of the technologies and skills we offer:

  • Web Development

    While relying on a cutting-edge technology stack, we boast a decade of experience in developing web applications for B2B portals, powerfully integrated with ERP and business logistics systems.

  • Mobile Development

    Development of native mobile and cross-platform apps (iOS, Android) for the professional, end-user and business sectors, using the most advanced techniques of design and providing the integration with third-party software such as ERP and corporate databases, and also with geocoding and geolocation services when needed. Thanks to the continuous monitoring tools of each software component, it is possible to check the distribution and the reliability of your apps and improve their usability over time.

  • Desktop Applications

    “Touch enabled” applications for process control and production control, all featuring high performance, reliability, ability to interface with third-party software and tools and cutting-edge “look and feel”.

  • Electronic Design

    Our hardware products best represent our skills in this sector, from the design of high-performance signal acquisition and processing systems, to human-machine interfaces, as well as short and long range data transmission systems.

  • Embedded Software

    SXT uses the most modern technologies to design, test and manage the heart of every modern electronic system. The use of the C++ language offers power and flexibility without affecting performance or consumption, thanks to the use of the latest generation of processors and compilers.

  • Quality Management

    SXT is ISO13485 certified to guarantee not only the business customer, but also the patient, the maximum care and attention in the management of business processes and traceability and control throughout the supply chain.

  • Medical Device Certification

    Strengthened by the experience gained during the certification of its products and the continuous updating of this acknowledged competence, SXT, with the support of trusted partners, offers to its customers services for the design and production of certified medical devices.

  • Machine Learning

    Advanced real-time data analysis algorithms using supervised and unsupervised classification techniques, signal processing and data mining that can add genuine artificial intelligence to your software, devices and product.

  • Mechanical Design

    Our design department is skilful to create 3D drawings and models for new products or feasibility studies. The deep expertise and knowledge of CAD Solidworks allow SXT to quickly convert ideas into projects, optimizing equipment and printing costs.

  • Prototyping

    Our expertise is not limited to the design of HW/SW prototypes for evaluating your ideas. We explore all possible solutions aimingat the achievementof your goal by reducing costs, taking careof the quality of the result, with a view to possible future production.

10 Years Experience

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