PXNext is the B2B portal of Medicair for interaction with the Public Administration in the home care sector.

With PXNext:

  • The Doctor can consult and manage the personal data of the customer and request the activation of specific services
  • The Administration can check the progress of the procedures, consult DDT and Invoices
  • The Health Direction can consult prevalence data and monitor the progress of the service

Compliant with the latest personal data protection guidelines, PxNext connects in real time with multiple enterprise ERPs, normalizing the data of different business lines and allowing for an orderly consultation.

Compatible with all browsers and strongly integrated with Corporate ERPs, PxNext has progressively transformed itself from a tool dedicated to the end customer into an integral part of the management system of Medicair service.

2018-2020 (Q2)

Web Applications

HTML5, Angular, Web Api, Token Authentication, ERP, Documentale

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